Under Construction


It is the
   First-day-of-School Eve

Lessons are planned
Seated charts are composed

And yet there are still
     things to do

But as I sit down
   one last time tonight to think about

I remember, one thing matters:

The Kids.

I get one chance to meet my students
   for the first time

One chance to welcome my classes
   and lay the first-day groundwork

One chance
   to start this crazy learning adventure

So the fact that the books aren’t sorted
   Materials haven’t arrived
   Technology isn’t set-up

Doesn’t matter.

The Kids do.

While attempting to sort out my classroom library, I discovered the book Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid by Nikki Giovanni. I saw Giovanni speak at UW-Madison a few years ago, and her quick wit, sharp voice, and spunky demeanor have stayed with me. I immediately tucked the book into my backpack for a weekend read. The text is a collection of essays and poems. Reading Giovanni’s work inspired me to write in verse. 

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